Policy Letters


All existing guidance, orders, directives, and processes issued under the command of 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade remain in effect until cancelled, modified, or superseded by new guidance, orders, or directives.

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1-21Safety Statement20210601Commanding General20210601_PL 1-21_CG SAFETY STATEMENT.pdf
2-21Sexual Assault Statement20210601Commanding General20210601_PL 2-21_CG SEXUAL ASSAULT STATEMENT.pdf
3-21EO And Standard Treatment Statement20210601Commanding General20210601_PL 3-21_CG EO AND STANDARD TREATMENT STATEMENT.pdf
4-21Suicide Prevention Statement20210601Commanding General20210601_PL 4-21_ CG SUICIDE PREVENTION STATEMENT.pdf
5-21Substance Abuse Statement20210701Commanding General20210701_PL 5-21_CG SUBSTANCE ABUSE STATEMENT.pdf
6-21Hazing and Prevention Statement20210701Commanding General20210701_PL 6-21_CG HAZING AND PREVENTION STATEMENT.pdf
2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade