Press Releases

2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade Conducts Readiness Drill
1 Mar 2021

Marines and Sailors assigned to the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade conducted a readiness drill 15 Dec., exercising the 2nd MEB’s capability to deploy with little notification, as a command element, to crises and contingencies around the world.

“This readiness drill fostered and facilitated further integration between the II Marine Expeditionary Force and 2nd MEB staff,” said Col. Garrett Benson, the operations officer for 2nd MEB. “We were able to ensure that personnel can be identified for support and could deploy at a moment’s notice.”

The drill was comprised of approximately 250 Marines and Sailors from across the II MEF command element, subordinate units and personnel permanently assigned to the 2nd MEB. Throughout the drill, the Marines and Sailors focused on ensuring all equipment and personnel readiness requirements were met to support 2nd MEB’s ability to rapidly deploy to any location in the world.

Benson continued, “This drill directly enhanced 2nd MEB’s readiness to serve as a rapid response force.”

2nd MEB is a subordinate command of II MEF; modular in nature, that can task-organize for crisis and contingency operations and exercises. Forces can be drawn from across the aviation, ground and logistics elements from II MEF to form a 2nd MEB-led Marine Air-Ground Task Force.

Readiness drills, such as these, are conducted on a regular basis by the 2nd MEB. In doing so, 2nd MEB remains the force of choice for rapidly responding to crises and contingencies from around the world.